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Sarah Link & Sarah Laoyan


Featuring C4K’s new intern: Sarah Laoyan

Sarah Laoyan Music Blog 1:

Essential Life Skills Learned by Becoming a Musician
There are many studies that indicate the educational benefits of becoming a musician. Music allows children to expand their mind and muscles in a way that no other activity can, allowing them to practice multiple skills simultaneously. While there are a lot of cognitive benefits, becoming a musician can also teach valuable life lessons and character development, especially in young children. Dedication, punctuality, teamwork, and basic responsibility are just a few of the lessons learned by becoming a musician.

  • Dedication: the quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose
    As most people know, becoming a musician doesn’t happen over night. It takes time, energy, practice, practice, and most of all, practice. To become skilled, a young musician must carve out a certain amount of time every day and every week to learn more about their craft, their instrument, and their music. The only way to get better is to be dedicated and to continue practicing, even when it seems like you’ve felt that you’ve reached the peak of your skill.
  • Punctuality: the characteristic of being able to complete a required task or fulfill an obligation before or at a previously designated time
    Every music teacher I’ve ever had has taught me this same phrase:
    “If you’re early, you’re on time. If you’re on time, you’re late.”
    There’s a lot of preparation that comes with being a musician and being ready to play. Instruments and musicians need time to stretch and warm up, to tune, and to make sure everything is ready to go before rehearsal starts, or before practice begins. Depending on the instrument as well, there might be extra tuning, reed soaking, bow tweaking, or waxing that may be required before the instrument is even playable. This extra time needed requires being early and prompt to be a successful musician.
  • Teamwork: the combined action of a group of people, especially when effective and efficient
    Most ensemble music groups require an amount of teamwork that most people don’t think about. Individuals have a very specific part that’s unique to their instrument and without it the music could crumble. Harmony and balance are essential tools in making a piece go from “a piece of music” to “music”. Working together is the only way to make this magic happen.
  • Responsibility: the state or act of being accountable or to blame for something
    Many instruments require a lot of maintenance or else they won’t function correctly. Becoming a musician means being responsible for your instrument, for your rehearsal time, practice, and equipment. Maintaining an instrument often requires routine care and cleaning. Most music ensembles expect you to have pieces prepared for auditions and to have your parts practiced before rehearsal. These are all individual things that musicians have to take care of for their selves before going back and bringing their piece back to the ensemble.

The most important thing about becoming a musician is learning a diverse amount of skills and techniques that you can’t learn anywhere else. The effects of music education are vast and diverse and it’s almost impossible to notate every single benefit that a person may learn during their time as a musician.

Sarah Link Music Blog 5:

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Sarah Link Music Blog 4:

The Joys of Learning to Play an Instrument

Sarah Link Music Blog 3:

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Sarah Link Music Blog 2: Music and Brain Development

Music and Brain Development

Sarah Link Music Blog 1 :What a Music Education Means to Me:

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Cox Channel 4 Salute to Education TV segment featuring Classics 4 Kids:




(SAN DIEGO – Oct. 30, 2014) – Classics 4 Kids today announced a first-of-its-kind educational partnership with The Super Dentists, designed to deliver miles of smiles and learning to elementary students throughout San Diego County. The newly formed “Super Hero” partnership will serve an estimated 15,000 elementary students and teachers throughout all school districts for the 2014-2015 school year. Please Click here to learn more about our partnership: The Super Dentist Partnership





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