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Mission and History

Our Mission

Classics 4 Kids is dedicated to educating children and our diverse communities through music and the arts.

Our History

Founded in 1994, Classics 4 Kids is an educational performing arts organization dedicated to improving academic performance by providing informative and entertaining educational programs that reach out and inspire children to appreciate great orchestral music.  Classics 4 Kids began as the result of a single spontaneous effort to give sixth-graders the opportunity to hear a professional piano recital. That single concert for 600 students became three concerts for 2,000 students the following year.


Since then, Classics 4 Kids has grown through strong artistic and educational leadership and will serve approximately 20,000 children this school year.

Unlike most orchestras who present youth concerts, Classics 4 Kids devotes all of its energies to educating children, families and teachers about classical music through professional orchestra concerts and programs. Classics 4 Kids’ comfortable and inviting educational concerts are developed to inspire creativity in San Diego’s children and focus on musical values, as opposed to entertainment or superficial relevance, and to propel children’s deep interest in the music of the great classical composers. We are sharing our passion for the music of the great composers with our young audiences in an effort to enrich them as human beings.

In an effort to reach out to all children, regardless of their financial resources, Classics 4 Kids provides its services for $6 per ticket for school children- covering only a small portion of the actual cost of a ticket. The additional cost of our concerts and programs is raised through generous donations from our sponsors and donors.

The arts open the minds and hearts of our young people, and empower them to imagine their own potential. Advanced research shows that studying music helps students in areas like math and science, both of which are critical skills especially for San Diego’s work force. Beyond enriching lives, the arts are also critical to education and helping children learn more effectively. The arts contribute to emotional and physical development and must be within a child’s reach.