~Music In Tune With Education~

In Tune With Education: For 20 high-impact years, Classics 4 Kids has been focused on fulfilling our 501c3 nonprofit mission to provide custom, kid-friendly in-school classical music education programs and offsite professional symphony concert experiences as a catalyst for academic advancement, creativity, joy and personal growth.

Striking A Positive Chord: Classics 4 Kids is continuing to strike a positive chord with the diverse elementary students, teachers and families we serve throughout San Diego County with our unique and effective three-pronged approach to student and family learning and growth, through the transformational power of music.

Classics 4 Kids is proud to be rated at the Gold Level 3 highest Seal of Approval ranking by the San Diego County Office of Education’s Arts Education Resource Organization.


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For a BRIEF VIDEO that describes our music-based learning programs please visit our About Us Page

For additional clips of our concerts, please click here. Please watch to see how Classics 4 Kids is changing young lives!

We salute Qualcomm for sponsoring our 20th anniversary school day concert season.